Mission Statement

Supporting People Experiencing Intellectual Disability

Values Statement

  • Respect and Dignity
    Acknowledge and respect the worth and dignity of every participant;
  • Empower
    Empower our participants to move towards independent living wherever possible and to maximize the potential of each person served;
  • Choice
    Respect and respond to the needs and choices of participants and their families;
  • Ethics
    Value professional integrity through honesty, respect, sensitivity and professional ethics;
  • Accountability
    Be accountable to our participants and their families; to our staff; to the Ministry of Social Services through Community Living Division and all others who have a vested interest in our organization;
  • Inclusive
    Be an inclusive organization by developing partnerships and collaborating on common issues or concerns whenever possible;
  • Open Door Policy
    Be an organization that operates with an open door policy;
  • Innovative
    Be reliable, realistic, innovative and pro-active.